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Dr. Redford is mindful of financial limitations certain patients may have
and understands that needing oral surgery can create financial hardship.
His commitment to help those patients who do not have insurance.

For patients who must pay cash, we offer helpful considerations. We will do everything we can to help you afford the treatment you need.
~ Please call our office to see how we can help. ~


Our office accepts every insurance plan in our region
and belongs to the Highlands Wellmont Health Network
We will call your insurance company and provide a written fee estimate
based on what your insurance company tells us will be covered.
We will do everything necessary to ensure that your insurance pays correctly.

Our policy is to request the portion not paid by insurance,
(co-pay/deductible) to be paid the day of service.

If your out-of-pocket portion is unable to be paid
in full 
on the day of service, we will be happy to discuss options.


Virginia Medicaid will cover extractions of teeth for both adults and children.
 We are happy to provide SEDATION and GENERAL ANESTHESIA
for Virginia Medicaid patients.

If coverage is uncertain, we will submit your procedure for approval
the same day and determination is usually within 5 business days.


For patients under 21, extractions and removal of wisdom teeth
are covered as well as SEDATION and GENERAL ANESTHESIA.

For TennCare patients over 21, please call and let us help,
we have special reduced fee options for those over 21.



United Health Care -  Humana

We accept all plans.
 Several of these plans offer selected dental coverage, but may be limited.
Please call to see what coverage you have and
what fee considerations may be available.

SEDATION and GENERAL ANESTHESIA are not covered, however,
we can offer anesthesia at no additional fee under certain circumstances.
Call and see if we can help.



We accept Medicare, however, it does NOT cover removal of teeth.
Please call our office for reduced fee options. 
We will be happy to help you.



We accept all major credit cards.

CARE CREDIT – Healthcare Credit Card

The CareCredit card is specifically designed to pay for treatments
and procedures not covered by insurance
or for patients without insurance.

There are No Interest and Low Interest Payment Plans
with several low monthly payment plans.

With three simple steps and instant approval, it’s easy to apply.
Call and let us help you apply quickly and easily or Call (800) 365-8295.

We encourage you to call and allow us to answer all your questions or you may contact us here if you prefer!

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