Myofascial Pain Dysfunction = Facial Pain )

Sometimes pain and dysfunction are experienced in the fascia, the dense fibrous connective tissue that surrounds and is inside the facial muscles, the masticatory muscles (the muscles used to chew) and muscles in the head and neck without there being TMJ problems. This condition is called MPD or Myofascial Pain Dysfunction and refers to dysfunction? of the muscles caused by tension, spasm or fatigue from hyperactivity (overuse) such as bruxing, grinding the teeth and/or clenching the facial muscles (squeezing the teeth together). This hyperactivity causes inflammation which causes pain and limited movement of the jaw.

If you frequently awaken with a “headache,” you may be bruxing, grinding or clenching your teeth during sleep. You might not know this is happening unless you have someone who observes it. These muscle activities can also occur while you are awake with most patients being unaware of this activity. If you have any symptoms described here, you may want to be aware if you are using the muscles of your face in this way.

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